Thanksgiving Pekin Duck Reservation

Thanksgiving Pekin Duck Reservation

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This is a reservation for a Christmas duck. The  $50 deposit is most of the expected cost. We will be sending an invoice for the remaining cost once we have weighed and packed the ducks. The ducks are $11/lb and are expected to be between 5-7 pounds once they are packaged, so $55-77 per duck.

The ducks are pasture raised and supplemented with the same non-GMO, corn-free, soy-free feed that our chickens eat. They forage for bugs, enjoy fresh fodder, and get to swim as they please in the mobile duck pond (kiddie pool that follows them on daily moves to fresh pasture).

These are Pekin ducks and have a mild flavor compared to other breeds. They are best cooked whole, but if you prefer to have your duck parted we can do that for an additional $20.

We will be processing the ducks the weekend before Christmas. If you would like to pick-up at the farm, we will have them ready Monday evening. We will plan deliveries on the Tuesday and Wednesday before Christmas for remaining ducks.