Grass-Fed Ground Beef
Grass-Fed Ground Beef

Grass-Fed Ground Beef

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We found a way to offer you the best chicken, pork, AND ground beef! We are so excited to partner with our friend Fallon at Molnar Cattle in Cayucos to offer locally raised, grass-fed, certified natural hormone-free, and humanely handled beef!

For 6 generations they have been raising cattle the best way possible, all natural and with a beautiful view of the ocean. We love all of their beef products, so carrying their ground beef to include in Wednesday deliveries or pick-up from the markets will benefit all of us :)

From Molnar's website about their ground beef:

"Our beef is 100% Grass-Fed and finished, Certified Natural, Certified Hormone Free, Humanely Handled, and raised on the Central Coast of California in optimal living conditions. Our oceanside, coastal ranches create a perfect environment with mild summers and winters for our cattle. These cows graze on our local natural grasses year-round. Grass-fed beef provides extra nutrients and more of a natural flavor to the beef so that you can feel good about the meat you consume."

We will only be offering their ground beef, but if you would like to get any other beef products from their family's ranch, click here to order online from Molnar Cattle LLC and learn more about their ranch, or come meet Fallon at the Morro Bay farmer's market on Thursdays.

The ground beef is sold frozen and is in 1 lb packs. They thaw out fast to make a tasty and nutritious dish quick!