Bulk Pig

Bulk Pig

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Click HERE for details. Next pigs available are for a Fall 2023 butcher date. But you can still reserve/pay for them here. 

Fill your freezer, skip the grocery store, and always have a healthy option for dinner right at your fingertips! If you dread meal planning, but feeding your family quality meats is forefront in your mind, a bulk hog is your answer!!! You will have ready to cook pork cuts anytime you need them. Meal planning is made easy when you can just open up your freezer and make a plan from there!

Finding pork that isn't kept in confinement and has room to roam is a treat in today's factory farming world. They enjoy plenty of space, mud, sunshine, grass, organic food scraps, and homegrown fodder. Our pastured pork is fed a non-gmo, corn and soy free feed, so you know its the healthiest and most nutritious for you and your family.

Please check out our articles and resources page for more information on your whole pig purchase. We are happy to help in any way that we can, so please contact us with any questions!

How Much Pork Do I Take Home From A Whole Hog


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